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Tuffi's portrait
Name: Tuffi  tuff2
Birthday: 6 December 2012
Mother: Stina Fisch
Home: Cité-Bibliothèque
Hobbies: books, audiobooks, films
Distinguishing features: always wears a little hat, very clever
Friends: bookworms
Favourite song: The fox song
Favourite film: The fox and the child
Favourite  books: The Gruffalo (I'm in it) ; Fantastic Mr. Fox
Favourite author: Julia Donaldson

Hello, I am Tuffi, the clever fox of the Cité-Bibliothèque. If you want to meet me, come to the library. On the level -1 you will find books, audiobooks in four languages for children and teenagers, as well as a top selection of movies and magazines. The loan of the documents is free of charge. If you want to get a library card and you are under the age of 16, your mom or dad have to fill in a registration form.