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Registration and rules

Registration is free of charge at the "Cité Bibliothèque"

Registration is available for people residing in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or in the Greater Region. 

For children under the age of 14, the registration form card must be signed by the person who has parental authority for them.

A bar-code user card is delivered to the user after registration. With this code or the user number and the password the user can extend loans and reserve documents on the website:
Here you find some useful information about the catalogue: Informations sur l'utilisation du catalogue (FR)

Registration entitles the user to free loans of:

  • 4 books for a period of one month (renewable once)
  • 2 audiobooks for a period of one month (renewable once)
  • 2 movies for a period of one week (renewable once)
  • 2 language learning methods of one month (renewable once)

Late returns:

The reader will be barred from loan for maximum one year, for bringing back documents after the agreed date. (Article 11 of the internal rules)

Internet access:

At the age of 12, you are allowed to use the internet access terminals of the library during one hour. The printing of documents cost 0,10 € per page. You can connect your laptop using the worktables, WLAN is available for free.


After your 14th birthday you may sign the registration form yourself.

You can registrate in the library or online. You just need to save the following registration form card on your computer, fill it out, sign it with your Luxtrust signature, save it again and send it to

Registration form (PdF)

If you do not bring back your items on the due-day, you will be barred from loan for maximum one year. Damaged or lost documents must be reimbursed.


Terms and conditions (PdF)