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Text Documents

All text documents are covered by a "CreativeCommons" License ( license text ). According to this license. the City of Luxembourg grants the right to copy, distribute, share and freely adapt the content. The content must be redistributed under the same license. The City of Luxembourg requires that you mention its name.

There is no special authorization needed to distribute the content.

In other words:

  • The content can be captured and distributed;
  • The content can be changed before distribution.

Under these conditions:

  • You must apply and mention the same "CreativeCommons" license;
  • You must credit the City of Luxembourg by mentioning the source (

Non-Text Documents

The City of Luxembourg does not allow any capturing and distribution of content which is not simple text.

This is valid for photos, videos, sound files, animations, graphics, schemes, etc. (non exhaustive list).

Any usage of these documents and for any purpose, except the download for a private offline reading, constitutes a violation of the copyright and may be pursuied.

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