Deary, Terry: The vile Victorians
[ publié : 14/06/2013 ]

The collection "Horrible histories" tries to make history more accessible to kids in a very unusual way that differs from the history lessons taught at school. The audiobooks are adapted by the British children's author Terry Deary and the producer Nick Baker and base upon book series created in the nearly nineties.

The writers' goal is to entertain and to inform children. They concentrate on extraordinary, funny and even sometimes spooky facts to visualize historical ages. The collection treats eras as for example the Victorian age, the Normans' period or World War II.

GENRE: Livre audio pour enfants, histoire
AUTEUR(S): Terry Deary
Terry Deary,
Brian Bowles,
Toby Longworth,
Jill Shilling ... et al.
DURÉE: 1 disque compact ( ca 60 min.)

COTE: J 942 Dea V


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